Channen is innocent! Help him regain his freedom.
Channen is innocent! Help him regain his freedom.
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A major confession that proves Channen's innocence.

On his death bed, in order to clear his conscience, Arlen Young CONFESSED to his family that he was the shooter and that an innocent man is sitting in prison for this crime. 

Petition - CALL TO ACTION!

We are trying to get enough signatures to draw the attention of politicians to Channen’s cause and we can’t do it without you. Please take the time help an innocent man.

Thank you for taking the time to help free an innocent man.

Please consider purchasing some UnChainChannen merchandise .

All purchases go towards funding Channen’s legal battle and return home.

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Backpack Give Away for Kids

Despite Channen’s incarceration, he still manages to activate members of his loving community to add to societies growth for the better.

Wrongful convictions are more common than is generally understood.

Help Channen's cause. Please donate. Assist Channen and his family in the fight to free him. Give what you can. Thank you.