Channen's Back Pack for Kids Event

On August 13, 2022 Channen rallied those in the community to which he belonged and touched lives for good.

For Channen, the free Back Pack School Give Away began with a  sudden urge to help out his community. Thanks to the support of family, friends, community and personal financial sacrifices on Channen’s part it was all possible. With the help of so many, an abundance of school materials were collected. But that wasn’t enough for Channen. So a date was set in hopes of giving the kids at the Give Away more than just the wonderful blessings collected for them.  

Having heard how well the race to collect school materials for kids went, Channen, out of the goodness of his heart, donated much of his hard earned work money to put towards a kids’ day event. At Channen’s request, his family contacted the Glad Tidings Church and was given permission to use their grounds. Before too long 105.3 KJAMZ was made aware of the event and supporters flooded in. The Backpack Give Away day came and it was a spectacular success.

You name it, and it was there.  Fun as far as the eye could see. The event had tons of food, drinks and games. But Channen and the community stepped it up a notch. Some Tulsa firefighters of Engine 3 showed up to teach and amaze. Some showed up with four wheelers, so that the kids could ride around. One gentleman brought a horse, and another a bounce house. In between, all the children were able to enjoy snow cones before getting back to it.

To wrap up, the Give Away the church of Glad Tidings and community leaders like Francetta Mays, and Robert Mann gave speeches both in celebration of a successful drive but also special commendation of Channen for such a good deed. Francetta mentioned how it is the job of society to bring up not just its youth but all who live there. Francetta believes that the bravery and sacrifice that Channen displayed in putting together the Backpack Give Away is exactly  what every community needs. She felt that the growth of Channen’s home town is limited without him. Robert was aware that Channen  had  sacrificed all his prison job earnings in order to make that school year a good one. Robert mentioned that it is men like Channen, men who truly care, that make the world a  better place. Channen mentioned how happy he was for all the love and support given towards this event. Only, he wished he was there to do more. Channen Smith plans on doing all he can to touch his community and help it to grow. He knows that until his freedom his community will be ok.

Wrongful convictions are more common than is generally understood.

Help Channen's cause. Please donate. Assist Channen and his family in the fight to free him. Give what you can. Thank you.